Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin

Fonde Werts: Peace of Thread - Surprised by Connection

April 06, 2023 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones
Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin
Fonde Werts: Peace of Thread - Surprised by Connection
Show Notes

Every day in some way, we may be surprised by connections undiscovered until an inspiration ignites our imagination.

Today’s episode is dedicated to a connection discovered within a Peace of Thread.

 Here’s Hoping.

 Some links to share

Peace of Thread was founded by Denise Smith in 2012 with a mission: to empower refugee women to become economically independent through making and selling artisan bags. You can learn more about the remarkable artisans who create the 25 varieties of bags as well as the women of Peace of Thread who inspire empowerment and independence through connection and creativity.

 Learn more about Peace of Thread’s remarkable story on this blog and discover press articles here

Visit the Peace of Thread Shop to explore these creative, remarkable, and practical these beautiful works of art, which can be purchased at the Peace of Thread shop, at boutiques in Georgia and Virginia, and also on their Peace of Thread Etsy shop, too!

  •  Note: Here’s Hoping receives no remuneration or benefit from any purchase you make at Peace of Thread. These are not affiliate links; they are intended to spread the good work of Peace of Thread’s remarkable work.

 You can discover more about Denise Smith, Founder & CEO of Peace of Thread, and the rest of the team, including the Peace of Thread artisans

 Clarkston, Georgia has been called the Ellis Island of the South. Curious about why? You can discover more on this History of Clarkston, Georgia page or on this Wikipedia page.

You can read more wisdom from Rev. Dr. Seth Jones at The Psychedelic Pastor and his Weebly page, Rev. Dr. Seth Jones Sermons.

You can always find more inspiration in any sacred text. Today’s quote from the Talmud is one of my favorites. 

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