Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin

Sage: When Words Fail Us - Hope

April 20, 2023 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones
Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin
Sage: When Words Fail Us - Hope
Show Notes

I ask Sage a challenging question, and his insight opens windows in my mind for empowering awareness.

 Here’s Hoping.

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 Sage is part of The Quaple Network’s limited-run podcast, And They Were Roommates, an advice podcast on life, love, and everything in between.

 From the Talmud - Pirkei Avos (Ethics/Chapters of the Fathers) 2:16.

 French Voltaire’s phrase “Perfect is the enemy of good” is a quote from an Italian proverb from the 1770’s, that had roots in a phrase from the early 1700’s, that had roots in a common phrase from earlier centuries all the way back to Aristotle. Humanity has been struggling with this problem for a long while, and it probably explains a lot of the nuance we all experience.  (Sourced from Wikipedia.)

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