Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin

Dr. Jen Pratt: Wish - A Four Letter Word - Hope

May 04, 2023 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones
Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin
Dr. Jen Pratt: Wish - A Four Letter Word - Hope
Show Notes

Dr. Jen Pratt shares a remarkable pearl of wisdom that inspires a rediscovery of the word, Wish, and blows my mind.

 Here’s Hoping.

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 You can read about the Make A Wish in the United States of America as well as the Make A Wish International. You can read also about the Impact of A Wish here. Interested in learning more about Dr. Jen Pratt? You can hear her conversation on Nate Lurie’s podcast, We’re the Inspiration, on the March 16th, 2023 episode, “From Making Wishes to Granting Wishes with Dr. Jen Pratt

 More links to Dr. Jen Pratt include:

 The 2005 movie, Constantine, may seem like an unlikely source for today’s quote, but it’s a movie that holds great significance for me because of the themes of faith, doubt, hope, and perseverance within the storyline. (Please note that it is, however, not a movie for children with a number of content warnings for gore and scary images. It is one of my favorites that I return to again and again.)

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