Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin

Joanna Basile: Embracing Therapy: String of Pearls

October 05, 2023 Kathrin Gabriel-Jones
Here's Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin
Joanna Basile: Embracing Therapy: String of Pearls
Show Notes

Here’s Hoping: Conversations with Kathrin

 When we think about talking to our past self, context matters. Today, we share a string of pearls from my conversation with Joanna Basile: if you could fold time and space and tell your past self something, what you say to your past incarnation?

 Here’s Hoping.

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Joanna Basile, writer, podcast host, and yoga teacher, blends movement and philosophy into her work. I cannot recommend her work enough for her wisdom, her talent, or the beauty she brings to the world.

 Joanna Basile’s podcast, Unrehearsed, can be found on every platform.

 Today’s quote comes from the show Russian Doll.

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The show, Russian Doll, is a bit of a mind-bender to be sure, but it is certainly a wonderful ride. (Please note content warnings for domestic violence and substance abuse.) 

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